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Popescu, Simona

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România Liberâ - Romania | 02/06/2008

Mayors with EU funding

The newspaper Romania Liberal writes about the results of the local elections and the consequences for the country's European policy: "Another election without voters. The citizens have turned their backs on dirty Romanian politics. ... In addition to managing local budgets, the election winners will administrate the fantastic sum of 20 billion euros in EU funding. This money is intended to help the citizens, many of whom however no longer care about the future. ... Starting on June 1 we have witnessed a de facto transfer of power between the parliament and the district assembly. Their individual election means that the heads of the district assemblies as well as the mayors are now unimpeachable. The 60 senators and members of parliament who ran for election on local lists clearly understood that as ordinary parliamentarians they would not have such an important status. ... They are giving up their cosy seats ..., to become leaders of opinion. ... Because they manage such huge sums of money, they will wield much more influence, also at a national level."

România Liberâ - Romania | 26/11/2007

The majority of Romanians boycott the European Parliament vote

The voter turnout for the election of Romania's 35 MEPs was very low, at 27 %. According to the preliminary results, the Democratic Party (PD) led by President Traian Basescu won the most votes - just under 30 %. In contrast, Basescu's proposal for a majority voting system was rejected in a referendum held at the same time. Simona Popescu comments: "Not even Romanians living abroad turned out in crowds to vote: no one knew what was going on and no one was prepared to travel far to vote for Romania's MEPs. There was also general ignorance about the majority voting system. It's clear that Romanians have no faith in their own vote; they don't believe they have the power to change things. ... The country's politicians have delivered yet another anti-democratic performance for Europe. Unfortunately, it won't be the last."

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