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Popescu, Oana

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Adevârul - Romania | 04/03/2013

Romania nowhere near ready for Schengen

The EU ministers for justice and the interior want to reach a decision on Romania's and Bulgaria's accession to the Schengen zone on Thursday. The German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich has announced he will make use of his veto. The daily Adevărul is not surprised that the Western countries are doing more to block the two countries now than when they joined the EU: "We became part of the EU in 2007 without having met all the accession criteria. ... At that time it was hard to convince countries like Germany and the Netherlands, whose political culture is based on stricter regulations, to turn a blind eye. ... And we are still paying the price for our being granted this favour: with the EU progress reports, the postponement of Schengen accession and the reduced political role played by Romania and Bulgaria in the European Council, in short with the status of second-class member. ... All of this is justified, because we came in through the back door and because we have demonstrated countless times that we need to feel the 'stick' before we start doing our homework."

Cotidianul - Romania | 16/11/2007

Extreme right MEPs after the collapse of their faction

"Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty", the far-right faction in the European Parliament, collapsed on Wednesday to the applause of the rest of the parliamentarians. Oana Popescu comments: "The MEPs' delight at getting rid of their unpopular colleagues may be short-lived. The disintegration of the Identity, Tradition, Sovereignty faction by no means indicates the rise of an anti-nationalist trend or a turning away from xenophobia and intolerance among the European public. The right-wing extremists will give themselves a new image. Their transformation will be particularly perfidious if it is concealed behind the mask of legitimacy. ... The most recent anti-Romanian and anti-Roma hysteria in Italy and the aggressive and blatantly xenophobic remarks made by elected politicians have not met with condemnation in Europe."

Cotidianul - Romania | 21/09/2007

Romanian soldiers on NATO missions

Oana Popescu reflects on the country's NATO membership and the deployment of Romanian soldiers in Afghanistan: "The deployment of our troops has earned us international praise and probably played a key role in the decision to hold the 2008 NATO summit in Bucharest. It also enabled us to 'compensate' for our withdrawal from the even greater disaster in Iraq. Moreover, there's the fact that such joint military operations are the only opportunity the Romanian military has of learning from soldiers with more technical experience and better equipment. It's only natural that our army still has its shortcomings, but is our cynicism justified? Can we justify paying for political capital and an image boost with the lives of our soldiers, who are being sent to the most dangerous areas without proper equipment?"

Cotidianul - Romania | 19/03/2007

Romania's relations with its neighbour, the Republic of Moldova

800,000 Moldavans (about 20 % of the country's population) want to acquire Romanian citizenship. Until recently the Romanian government supported their efforts, but as Oana Popescu points out, this has now apparently changed. "Just one week ago Romanian Minister of the Interior Vasile Blaga said it was necessary to make it easier for Moldavans to acquire Romanian citizenship. Now he says it's a good thing to bring Moldovan immigrants to the country but also admits that 90 percent of applicants only want Romanian citizenship so they can work within the EU, adding that it's not a good thing to give them Romanian citizenship because this would lead to the depopulation of the Republic of Moldova... Even Vasile Blaga won't be able to prevent the depopulation of the Republic of Moldova. As long as the Moldovans lack a balanced lifestyle they will find ways to get into the EU."

Cotidianul - Romania | 27/02/2007

The ruling on the genocide of Srebrenica

For Oana Popescu it's more important to concentrate on the future than the past: "Is the Serb state we condemn today the same Serb state that committed the atrocities of Srebrenica 12 years ago? The victory of the radicals in the most recent elections shows that the Serbs still support nationalist extremists today. But what about those who are trying to break with the past and are looking to the EU? Aren't we just pushing them into the arms of the radical leaders who are using the pressure of the negotiations with the EU and Kosovo to breed feelings of aversion to the 'imperialist' West? Isn't the EU making the same mistake that escalated the conflicts in the early 1990s?"

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