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Popescu, Ionut

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1.  Capital - Romania | 09/03/2009

Fight dim prospects with democratic convictions

The business paper Capital expresses concern over the political effects of the economic crisis: "The current crisis spread after the investment bank Lehman Brothers went ... » more

2.  Capital - Romania | 02/10/2008

Criticism of trade unions

On Monday, Italy's trade unions approved a rescue plan for Italian airline Alitalia, which is facing bankruptcy. It is to be sold to the CAI ... » more

3.  Capital - Romania | 19/09/2008

Cheese for cats

For months the EU has been putting pressure on Romanian cheese producers to use pasteurised milk in their products. That could mean the ruin of ... » more

4.  Capital - Romania | 05/09/2008

A country without motorways

"Romania has not managed to build even a hundred kilometres of motorway in the past 20 years of transition," writes the business paper Capital. "I ... » more

5.  Capital - Romania | 28/08/2008

Surprising growth

While the rest of the world suffers from economic crisis, the Romanian economy is currently witnessing an unprecedented boom. The business newspaper Capital looks for ... » more

6.  Capital - Romania | 05/05/2008

Romanian capitalism

Ionut Popescu explains the fate of Romania's small shareholders with the example of Petromidia oil refinery. "Today the average share price is around 0.02 Euros. ... » more

7.  Capital - Romania | 11/01/2008

Returnee programme for Romanian emigrants

The Romanian government has announced a special programme designed to encourage the return of citizens who have emigrated. Some three million Romanians have moved abroad ... » more

8.  Capital - Romania | 11/01/2007

Romanian legal reform

With Romania's entry into the EU, the country's legal reform is under observation of the EU Commission. Should Romania depart from its reform course, it ... » more


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