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Popescu, Andrei Luca

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1.  Gândul - Romania | 04/11/2015

Political restart takes time

Even after the Ponta government announced its resignation on Wednesday tens of thousands took to the streets in Bucharest to demand a fresh start. But ... » more

2.  Gândul - Romania | 12/05/2015

Romanians' protest over wood theft too late

Around 5,000 people protested in Bucharest on Saturday against illegal wood clearances and a change to Romania's forestry legislation that is due to be discussed ... » more

3.  Gândul - Romania | 29/03/2015

Ex-finance minister turns bribes into art

In the wake of corruption investigations against the Romanian ex-finance minister Darius Valcov the authorities have seized 101 paintings, including three works by Picasso. The ... » more

4.  Gândul - Romania | 15/10/2014

Băsescu abuses intelligence information

Romanian President Traian Băsescu announced in a TV interview on Monday that Victor Ponta, prime minister and presidential candidate of the social democratic PSD, was ... » more

5.  Gândul - Romania | 22/05/2014

Nato can be proud of Romania

US Vice President Joe Biden visited Romania on Tuesday and Wednesday, and announced that the Nato partner enjoys the full protection of the alliance. Romania ... » more

6.  Gândul - Romania | 27/12/2013

Romania rediscovers resistance

The civic protests in Romania sparked by plans to mine for gold in the Transylvanian community of Roşia Montană were the most defining event in ... » more

7.  Gândul - Romania | 09/08/2012

Ponta influencing Romanian Constitional Court

The president of the Romanian Constitutional Court, Augustin Zegrean, has written a letter to the EU complaining about massive interference by the socialist head of ... » more

8.  Dilema Veche - Romania | 27/01/2010

Smoke less, work more

People can still smoke as much as they like in Romanian restaurants, but smoking in offices is banned. The daily Dilema Veche explains how the ... » more


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