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Pope, Hugh

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Helsingin Sanomat - Finland | 07/07/2008

A chance for Cyprus, a chance for the EU

In the Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat, Hugh Pope, an analyst for the non-governmental organisation International Crisis Group, examines the role of the EU in the Cyprus problem: "The chances of achieving reunification in Cyprus through an agreement are better this year than they have been for decades. The EU now has the final opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past. ... The potential [for reconciliation] emerged when the desire for closer ties with the EU changed the attitude of the Turkish Cypriots and the Turks. ... Most Greek Cypriots hold the view that a compromise is the only way ... to get the Turkish troops to leave the country. ... The ... advances have been significant and point to the possibility of achieving reunification within the next twelve months. ... In short, the European heads of state and government need to tackle the Cyprus problem seriously now. After the Irish referendum there is no better opportunity for the EU to play an [important] role than in overcoming the partition of Cyprus."

El País - Spain | 03/01/2007

Hugh Pope defends Tukey's candidacy

The journalist Hugh Pope, a specialist on Turkey, makes a plea in favour of another EU enlargement. "In the same way that Turkey diligently changed in order to adapt to Europe, a new manner of conceiving the European character would be to welcome the Euro-Muslim pragmatism that reigns in Turkey. This is impossible for those Europeans who upbraid the 'Islam' of their new neighbours for bad manners, oppression of women and sartorial tradition. These problems, which are real, have less to do with religion than with education, wealth and experience in an urban environment. There was a time when Northern Europeans also treated Spain and Italy with condescension, considering that those countries were not European. But today nobody would ever question the advantages of the modification of Europe's self-image or the distribution of its wealth, advantages that allowed the integration of these two countries."

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