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Ponthier, Gwenaël

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Le Monde - France | 20/10/2007

Rugby's triple rejection

André Buonomo, coach for the Monaco Rugby Federation, Gwenaël Ponthier, second line in the Grasse Rugby Olympics, and Jean-Luc Vannier, psychoanalyst, consider that in the aftermath of the Rugby World Cup that has just drawn to close in France, "the satisfaction of some is countered with the scepticisms of others: the former are delighted with the emancipation of rugby, the maturity of this sport, of its access to financial balance and its complete recognition extending to the most modest families previously limited to football. The latter, some provincial amateur clubs with a village attitude to rugby, feel bitter distrust. According to them, the traditional world of the oval ball has suffered a 'triple rejection' like St Peter: professionalism, money and media hype."

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