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Pompowski, Tomasz

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Polska - Poland | 04/03/2009

Russian media tries to generate unease in the West

The daily newspaper Polska criticises the role of the Russian media in the debate over the US missile defence shield: "The Russian media are not writing the truth when it comes to US President Barack Obama's standpoint on the construction of the defence shield. It's a case of targeted disinformation aimed at generating unease among the general public in the West and giving it the feeling it is under threat. On Monday [the Russian paper] Kommersant reported that Barack Obama had sent a secret letter to the Kremlin indicating that his government would renounce the plans to station the shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. In return Russia was to guarantee that Iran did not possess long-range missiles. This is another round in the psychological war against public opinion in the West – and in particular against the Poles and Czechs. It began when the government of US President George [W.] Bush announced that certain elements of the new Nato defence system would be stationed in Poland and the Czech Republic."

Polska - Poland | 29/01/2009

Success for Russia

Polska newspaper welcomes Russia's decision not to position Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad. The weapons were intended to counterbalance the planned US missile defence shield in Poland and the Czech Republic. "It has happened. After the new US president's first week in office, Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin has scored a victory. The generals have just scrapped their plan to deploy Iskander missiles in Kaliningrad. This wonderful Russian weapon which 'can penetrate any missile defence shield', as former Russian defence minister Sergei Ivanov has said ... is above all a political project for Poland and the Czech Republic. Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek put it in a nutshell: 'The question is not whether we install a radar or a missile defence system. The point is to show our will to defend ourselves.'"

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