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Pollock, Griselda

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Svenska Dagbladet - Sweden | 29/08/2006

Sweden's role as a precursor of feminist art

After visiting the 'Art feminism' exhibition on show at several Swedish museums, British art historian Griselda Pollock comments to Lina Kalmteg: "You'd never see an exhibition like this in Britain." The exhibition displays 100 works of art by female artists dating from the 1960s to the present. "Still today, many of these artists create works that would not be possible without the feminist art movement. It's only once you've seen the exhibition that you realise that the freeness of today's art is based on the emancipation movement of the 1970s. Not every woman must define herself as a feminist, but it's important to realise how significant the feminist movement was. Now I'll return to England and tell the Tate Modern that we too must do something like this."

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