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Poll, Liisi

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Postimees - Estonia | 28/12/2006

The EU welcomes two more members

According to Liisi Poll the accession of Romania and Bulgaria comes too soon as in both countries there are still serious shortcomings in many areas like the judiciary and the battle against corruption. "As the two newcomers are also the poorest EU members there will be heavy restrictions until they have fulfilled all the criteria. These transition periods are nothing new to the EU, and it's no great surprise that after all the years of negotiations the two countries got the go-ahead." However, Poll also points to some positive aspects of the two countries' accession: "With their Cyrillic script the Bulgarians are bringing a third alphabet to the EU, and the Romanians bring a new Romance language. Both countries give the EU access to the Black Sea – plus a market of over 30 million people, natural resources, rapidly growing economies and a considerable dose of enthusiasm for Europe – something which is dwindling in the so-called old EU member states".

Postimees - Estonia | 21/11/2006

Disapppointment with the Nairobi climate conference

United Nations Secretary-General Koffi Annan announced at the Climate Change Conference in Nairobi that climate change poses at least as serious a threat as the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. Nonetheless, Liisi Poll notes with disappointment that the conference failed to produce concrete results. "The rich nations don't want to pay for everyone, and the poor states insist on their right to economic development, which is being hindered by restrictions on emissions of greenhouse gases. Yet British analyst Nicolas Stern explained very clearly in his report how dearly we all stand to pay for the consequences of global warming. Perhaps it would be easier to reach an international agreement if climate policy focussed less on restrictions and more on how expensive it will be if such restrictions are not imposed."

Postimees - Estonia | 08/06/2006

How racist is Estonia?

The Dutch ambassador to Estonia has resigned his post prematurely. In an open letter he cited the discrimination his black partner has experienced in Estonia as the reason for resigning his post. Liisi Poll responds to accusations that Estonia is a homophobic and racist country: "It's understandable that many Estonians feel they are being unjustly accused… We're certainly no worse than other countries in this respect. No human rights are being violated in Estonia. Paragraph 12 of our constitution forbids any form of discrimination. At least up to now there has never been a demonstrable case of murder based on skin colour, as there has in other European countries. But that doesn't mean we're better than anyone else."

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