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Politkovskaya, Anna

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Le Soir - Belgium | 02/11/2006

The posthumous publication of a text by Anna Politkovskaya

As different newspapers are publishing an appeal calling for the elucidation of Anna Politkovskaya's assassination, the daily presents an unpublished text written by the Russian journalist, found in her computer after her death. She describes in it the deterioration of journalism in her country. "Our task is to distract the public and if we write something serious, it is only to show how magnificent all forms of the 'vertical power' are. Let me point out that these last five years President Putin has not ceased building a 'power vertical', consisting from one end to the other in the designation by him, or those selected by him, of all civil servants and all of the bureaucratic hierarchy. ... The struggle for the right to circulate impartial information and to serve this information, not the presidential administration, is a rear-guard battle. Thus has commenced an era of intellectual and moral stagnation in the professional milieu to which I too belong."

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