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Politi, Marco

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1.  Il Fatto Quotidiano - Italy | 05/04/2010

Recognising the faithful as partners for dialogue

The Church is making the mistake of treating the community like an anonymous mass rather than a dialogue partner, writes the leftist daily Il Fatto ... » more

2.  La Repubblica - Italy | 28/01/2009

Pope cannot remain silent any longer

Following the rehabilitation of the excommunicated conservative bishop Richard Williamson, Marco Politi calls in the left-liberal daily La Repubblica on the Pope to make a ... » more

3.  La Repubblica - Italy | 07/11/2008

Catholic-Muslim Forum stresses human rights

The Catholic-Muslim Forum which was created after Pope Benedict's much-discussed Regensburg Speech of September 12, 2006, has come to the end after a several-day-long meeting ... » more

4.  La Repubblica - Italy | 23/09/2008

The political cardinal

On the occasion of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI) of Italy's Catholic Church on September 22, La Repubblica newspaper reports on the political and moral ... » more

5.  La Repubblica - Italy | 13/05/2008

Pope criticises Berlusconi

"Pope Benedict XVI has not criticised abortion in general but has accused Italy's lawmakers of having scorned human life for thirty years," the Italian daily ... » more

6.  La Repubblica - Italy | 14/01/2008

The traditionalist temptation of the Pope

Pope Benedict XVI celebrated mass on January 13th with his back turned to his congregation, an old tradition that had not been practised for decades. ... » more

7.  La Repubblica - Italy | 08/03/2007

Italy turns the page on Cardinal Ruini

As the Cardinal Ruini is retiring from his post as president of the Episcopal Conference of Italy (CEI), to be replaced by the Archbishop of ... » more

8.  La Repubblica - Italy | 29/05/2006

Benedict XVI in Poland

Editorialist and writer Marco Politi comments on the speech delivered by the Pope during his visit to the Auschwitz concentration camp. "From the heart of ... » more

9.  La Repubblica - Italy | 24/01/2006

Bishops criticise EU anti-homophobia resolution

The journalist and writer Marco Politi considers remarks by Cardinal Camillo Ruini, the president of the Conference of Italian Bishops, criticising a European parliamentary resolution. ... » more

10.  La Repubblica - Italy | 17/01/2006

Pope to publish an encyclical on love

Marco Politi, an editorial writer and Vatican specialist, read the encyclical by Pope Benedict XVI that is due to be published on January 25. "Ten ... » more


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