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Poglajen, Joze

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Dnevnik - Slovenia | 26/03/2012

Limit referendums in Slovenia

The Slovenians rejected a new family law in a referendum held on Sunday. It was proposed by the previous centre-left government and foresaw among other things additional rights for gay couples. In view of the four million euros the referendum cost, the left-liberal daily Dnevnik calls for the number of plebiscites to be limited: "There are now the first weak signs on the political horizon that the referendum legislation will be altered. After the latest, entirely superfluous and highly politicised referendum we can really only pray that the lord drums some sense into the heads of the politicians that will prevent them from manipulating the people with referendums and the supposed 'power of the people'. However our experiences with our politicians have taught us that this is nothing but a pious hope. But so be it. Political miracles are rare, nevertheless they do occur."

Dnevnik - Slovenia | 06/06/2011

Referendums harm Slovenia

The pension reform worked out by the Slovenian government was rejected in a referendum on Sunday. The left-liberal daily Dnevnik blames the conservative opposition for torpedoing almost all important laws with the help of referendums: "Such issues are not resolved by a referendum. Here in Slovenia, however, they are. Not only because we are the only country where the opposition has the 'right' to scupper any law passed in parliament by means of a referendum. This 'right' is made clever use of by the conservative opposition SDS party, which also uses the campaigns to spearhead a general attack on the current government and as part of their electoral campaign. In this legislature period alone the SDS has stopped five laws passed in parliament. ... But here in Slovenia hardly anyone cares where the fault in the system may lie."

Dnevnik - Slovenia | 02/07/2010

Slovenian opposition moves closer to the government

The Slovenian shadow government of opposition leader Janez Janša yesterday publically presented a fourth package of anti-crisis measures. The daily Dnevnik sees this as an opportunity for a rapprochement between the government and the opposition: "The proposals of the expert committee of the Democratic Party Janšas are nothing new: tax reductions, the founding of a bad bank and tax breaks for new companies. But it would be more important if the government and the opposition were able to jointly support the public administration reform, even if their opinions differ. Both [Prime Minister] Pahor and Janša say the crisis is a chance to clip the wings of the burgeoning public administration. Since the public also favours a leaner state, Pahor and Janša would be wise to use this to make a joint stand."

Dnevnik - Slovenia | 04/06/2010

Slovenian politicians shirk responsibility

A referendum will be held in Slovenia on Sunday on the arbitration agreement for solving its border dispute with Croatia. Joze Poglajen welcomes the agreement in the online issue of the daily Dnevnik, but criticises the idea of a referendum: "On Sunday we will have to decide first whether we vote at all, and if so what option to tick. The first decision is the most difficult because this referendum was imposed on us by the ruling political elite. They are shifting the responsibility onto the people who voted them into office and letting them decide the matter in their name. I can find no other explanation for why Prime Minister Borut Pahor started flirting with the idea of a referendum as soon as his signature had dried on the arbitration agreement. ... If the referendum is unavoidable then we'll have to go and vote. ... A fixed border with Croatia will open doors for our dynamic  businesses and banks not only in Croatia, but also further to the south."

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