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Poelvoorde, Benoît

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Le Soir - Belgium | 20/11/2007

Benoît Poelvoorde cannot see the divison of Belgium

In an interview conducted by Philippe Manche and Bernard Demonty, the Belgian actor Benoît Poelvoorde defends the unity of his country, which has been going through a political crisis for more than five months. "When you film two fools tearing up a Belgian flag, it's only two fools. It isn't the entire Flemish community. Not all Flemish people tear up Belgian flags. The problem is that if you put two people burning a flag on the front page, all the Walloons stand there, bound to say, 'I have a feeling we're not so appreciated in the Flanders region'. ... It's important to fight to get across the message that our country also thrives on this sort of fragility of two communities obliged to respect one another. ... I am convinced that Belgium will not split, because citizens will eventually have their say again."

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