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Pöll, Regina

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Die Presse - Austria | 03/09/2009

Clear principles for EU refugee policy

The EU Commission wants to stem illegal immigration with a new refugee policy. EU member states are to voluntarily accept more people from crisis areas, in return for which they will receive EU funding. The daily Die Presse criticises Austria's resistance to the plan: "In fact what people should be saying is: Yes, let's find a better way of portioning out such refugees within the EU. Why should only ten countries bear the burden, rather than having the so-called 'resettlement' be standardised right across the EU? Why, I ask, does Austria count itself out, while Sweden has no qualms about resettling Iraqis, although its population is no bigger than ours. ... It's better to establish clear principles from the start and enhance solidarity in the EU: spreading out refugees - particularly those from war-torn areas - according to a quota is not such a bad idea, and merely reflects a consistent understanding of the idea of Europe. Turning our back on refugees in dire need out of a lack of solidarity would be nothing other than a disgrace."

Die Presse - Austria | 11/06/2007

Christian-democrats back in Belgium

According to Regina Pöll, the results of the elections in Belgium will deepen the division within the country. She predicts that Yves leterme, current prime minister of the region of Flanders and tipped to become the new prime minister of the country, will take more decisive steps in strengthening the autonomy of the two regions than his predecessors. "This will be a thorn in the side of the Francophones of the much poorer southern region of Wallonia, which until now has benefited from the economically more advanced region of Flanders. Separatist tendencies will be reinforced by a series of factors. As well as the Christian Democrats, the separatist Flemish splinter party N-VA also forms part of Leterme's electoral alliance. And the far-right nationalist Vlaams Belang, formerly Vlams Blok, has now become the second-largest force in Flanders in national elections."

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