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Podimata, Anny

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To Vima Online - Greece | 01/06/2006

Air collision complicates Greco-Turkish relations

A Greek pilot who was killed when his fighter plane collided with a Turkish fighter jet in disputed airspace over the Aegean Sea was buried on Wednesday, May 31. The accident has revived diplomatic tensions between the two neighbours. "This funeral reminds us that Turkey has emerged the winner in this affair," writes Anny Podimata. "It won militarily because, unlike Greece, it did not suffer any fatalities, but it also won politically because it was able to violate the rules with regard to rescue and investigation and enter Greek territorial waters. ... This lack of respect for our borders places our two countries in a difficult situation. Greek public opinion is therefore demanding that the government exercise its veto and that the foreign affairs minister, Dora Bakoyannis, cancel her planned trip to Turkey on June 10."

To Vima Online - Greece | 25/04/2006

Rice on an historic visit

"Condoleezza Rice is the first American secretary of state to brave the Greeks since Warren Christopher in 1993," the daily reports. "Some, like Colin Powell, had to beat a retreat upon seeing banners saying 'Go Home, Murderer' being brandished in front of the Acropolis on the eve of the 2004 Olympic Games. It is therefore an historic visit and the Greek minister of foreign affairs, Dora Bakoyannis [appointed in February 2006] was instrumental in bringing it about. On the agenda for discussion: Cyprus [the division of the island], the resolution of the problem arising over Turkey's entry into the EU, as well as Iran and the nuclear threat."

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