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Pleșu, Andrei

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1.  Dilema Veche - Romania | 09/08/2011

Bucharest needs a Communism Museum

Romania's conservative ruling party PDL announced in mid-July its plans to open a Communist Museum in Bucharest. Critics denounce the idea as party tactics and ... » more

2.  Adevârul - Romania | 12/01/2011

Romanian television a cheap fun fair

Romanian philosopher Andrei Pleşu looked in vain for analyses of his country's new education law on Romanian television. Instead he found nothing but a distortion ... » more

3.  Adevârul - Romania | 19/05/2010

Romanians' ambivalent relationship to the dog

According to animal protection associations at least 40,000 stray dogs live in the Romanian capital of Bucharest. The city is planning a law on ... » more

4.  Adevârul - Romania | 05/05/2010

Mandatory religion courses need new teachers

The Romanian parliament is currently discussing a draft law that would make religious education mandatory in schools. In the daily Adevărul the philosopher Andrei Pleşu ... » more

5.  Adevârul - Romania | 07/08/2009

Andrei Plesu on Romania's reviewing of the past

Romania could celebrate two jubilees this year: 20 years since the fall of communism and 10 years since the review of the Securitate [the secret ... » more

6.  Adevârul - Romania | 01/07/2009

Anrdrei Plesu on the problem with intellectuals

"It's terrible how annoyed the whole world is with intellectuals," complains Romanian philosopher Andrei Plesu in the daily Adevărul. "It's not really clear what an ... » more

7.  Adevârul - Romania | 26/11/2008

The praise of chaos

The Romanian philosopher Andrei Plesu writes in the daily Adevărul that Romanians tend to look yearningly to other countries which they believe to be more ... » more

8.  Dilema Veche - Romania | 26/03/2008

Andrei Plesu on how people's biographies are used against them

"Has anyone who didn't openly oppose the dictatorship before 1989 the right to adopt a superior, radical and bold stance in public today - something ... » more

9.  Dilema Veche - Romania | 21/12/2007

Andrei Plesu on Karaoke capitalism in Romania

Philosopher Andrei Plesu describes Romania's young capitalism as imitating a model. "Commercial experts Kjell Nordström and Jonas Ridderstråle have rightly dubbed this provincial imitation 'Karaoke-Capitalism': ... » more

10.  Revista 22 - Romania | 17/08/2007

Andrei Plesu on communism

Philosopher Andrei Plesu explores why communism still holds such a strong fascination, particularly for young people in the West. "For some it's trendy - they've ... » more


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