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Pittas, Nick

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Cyprus Mail - Cyprus | 20/03/2006

Cyprus needs to "argue rationally" in democratic debate

"Cyprus must learn to argue rationally, and not just with emotional outbursts," the daily insists in an editorial headline, after a high-level politician excoriated the International Crisis Group for a report critical of the Cyprus stalemate. The ICG is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation based in Brussels. "Anyone who criticises the handling of the 'national question' by the government of the day is lambasted and labelled as a traitor and agent of foreigners. ... It is not criticism that we have to fear, but rather the sort of xenophobic and insular 'us against the world' mentality that is frequently spouted for perceived political advantage. In this respect, at least, our entry into Europe has not done much to raise the level of democratic debate in Cyprus. All it takes is a jab at our nearest sacred cow, and the fur starts to fly."

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