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Piskorski, Mateusz

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Życie Warszawy - Poland | 17/08/2006

Samoobroan claims to be a pro-European party

Mateusz Piskorski, an MP for Samoobrona (Self-defence), one of Poland's ruling coalition parties that is widely regarded as anti-European, insists in a guest commentary that his party is pro-Europe. "Samoobrona has a complex vision for Poland's foreign policy which differs from that of its coalition partners and also from the vision commonly ascribed to the party… It's a myth that Samoobrona is one of the euro-skeptic parties that oppose European integration and reinforcement. Now that Deputy Prime Minister Andrzej Lepper is successfully participating in the meetings of the EU agriculture ministers and achieving concrete results, people must realise that this perception of our party is false. Samoobrona was and still is a party that supports European integration through the institutions and structures of the EU… Unlike the right-wing parties, Samoobrona stresses the importance of the institutional framework for integration and wants social rights to be laid down in a future European constitution."

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