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Piński, Jan

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Uważam Rze - Poland | 03/06/2013

Poland doesn't need to be in EU

Joining the EU has hurt Poland's economy because the country is forced to pay up to 100 billion euros annually in subsidies for foreign investors, the national conservative news magazine Uważam Rze observes, and cautiously questions the wisdom of Poland's EU membership: "In the mid-1990s the Polish politicians told us the fairytale that everyone would earn money on the free market. The result: Polish industry is a thing of the past. We no longer have any national car makers or electronics companies, for instance. Instead we must subsidise the foreign firms that set up production sites here in Poland. But now that the production costs are constantly growing here, these factories no longer have any value. ... In the same way that all protests against EU integration were dismissed as fanaticism ten years ago, now a growing sense of euro realism is spreading across Europe. In Poland the campaign against the dogma of EU membership may just be beginning, but these voices are growing louder. Because the figures don't lie."

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