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Pisanias, Jean-Philippe

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Télérama - France | 24/11/2007

Philippe Lemoine considers Internet as a universe for encounters

The start-up founder Philippe Lemoine defends the creative potential of Internet users in an interview with Jean-Philippe Pisanias and Vincent Remy. "For elitist culture, if the floodgates are opened too wide, idiocy surfaces along with opinions. And yet, what is it that enthrals young Internet users? The knowledge that they are not alone in the world asking questions which have no answers in proven words, books and theories, that there's the possibility of meeting other people asking themselves the same questions. Without mentioning collective intelligence, this is a universe of encounters that is not exclusively a mouthpiece for opinion, but somewhere for feelings and desires for something different to be pooled. If you don't recognise that, you don't understand Internet."

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