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Pîrvulescu, Cristian

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1.  Observator Cultural - Romania | 14/12/2012

Traian Băsescu loser of the year

The conservative opposition alliance ARD, which is closely allied to President Traian Băsescu, emerged as the clear loser from Romania's parliamentary elections on Sunday. That ... » more

2.  România Liberâ - Romania | 18/02/2011

Cristian Pîrvulescu on the crisis in Romania's civil society

The economic and financial crisis has not only hurt Romanian companies but has also limited civil society's room for manoeuvre, writes political expert Cristian Pîrvulescu ... » more

3.  România Liberâ - Romania | 04/02/2011

Romania turns Roma into gypsies

A committee of experts at the Romanian parliament on Thursday gave the green light for a new draft law which would replace the term "Roma" ... » more

4.  Cotidianul - Romania | 30/09/2009

Crisis of the system in Romania

With the presidential elections in Romania only two months away the coalition between the Liberal Democrats (PD-L) and the Social Democrats (PSD) is on the ... » more

5.  Cotidianul - Romania | 20/05/2009

Cristian Pirvulescu on the social market economy model

Political expert Cristian Pirvulescu writes in the daily Cotidianul about the social market economy model that established itself in Europe after the Second World War: ... » more

6.  România Liberâ - Romania | 17/04/2009

Cristian Pirvulescu wants a new beginning for European democracy

With an eye to the upcoming European Parliament elections Romanian political scientist Cristian Pirvulescu reflects on the democratisation of Europe's mindset. "European democracy needs a ... » more

7.  Cotidianul - Romania | 17/12/2008

Cristian Pirvulescu on the precarious situation of democracy in times of crisis

"How resistant is a democracy to a crisis? Can it hold out for one, two or ten years?", asks political scientist Cristian Pirvulescu in Cotidianul ... » more

8.  Cotidianul - Romania | 28/05/2008

The return of fascism?

The Romanian daily Cotidianul observes a creeping return to fascist ways of thinking in Europe and the rest of the world: "This mentality is gaining ... » more

9.  Cotidianul - Romania | 19/12/2007

Romania's first year in the EU

Cristian Pirvulescu takes a look at the first year of Romanian membership in the EU: "Paradoxically, we have distanced ourselves from the EU more in ... » more

10.  Cotidianul - Romania | 25/04/2007

French democracy as a model for Romania

Not only the French, but the Romanians, too, are in the process of electing a new president, notes Cristian Pirvulescu: "French democracy has been revitalised. ... » more


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