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Pires, Jacinto Lucas

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Diário de Notícias - Portugal | 01/12/2006

The Portuguese left accused of defending abortion

As Portugal is organising a referendum on the legalisation of abortion due to take place in February 11th, the Portuguese writer Jacinto Lucas Pires is surprised not to see more militant left-wingers opposing this practice. "This surprises me because if there still exists something that can distinguish left from right, it has to be the desire for real transformation of society and the world. Above all this implies not giving in to the tragedy of a 'fait accompli'. On the other hand, it is obvious that this concrete dream of the left should rest upon basic principles of humanity and justice - and the protection of human life is the starting point. However, the left (for once all together, from the centre through to extremes...) are doing quite the contrary, giving in to the easy option of saying 'yes, just because.' ... Is the left, in so doing, not going to distort itself irreversibly and finally accept to become one more pawn in the game of conformity, pessimism and politically correct?"

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