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Pinzler, Petra

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Die Zeit - Germany | 22/11/2007

Petra Pinzler on the prospect of accession

Holding out the prospect of accession is perhaps the EU's only truly effective instrument in foreign policy, writes Petra Pinzler in an article about the world from Brussels' point of view. "This old strategy has now reached its limits. European citizens' demands for an end to expansion are becoming increasingly loud. They want to see Europe's outer borders on their maps. Many look uneasily towards the southeast and Turkey. Here, the Christian West meets the Muslim world - and at the same time sees its own reflection, for many millions of Muslims now live in Europe. Consequently, on no other issue are the borders between foreign and domestic policy so blurred; on no other subject does the glance cast outwards intersect so strongly with the glance cast inwards. Turkey is proof that Europe has yet to develop an alternative to accession that is attractive to outsiders."

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