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Pilz, Michael

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Die Welt - Germany | 20/09/2006

Changes in the music industry

According to Michael Pilz, now's the time to set up your own music band. He points out that although the music industry is not doing well at present, musicians are. He says this is due to the fact that distribution is no longer dependent on the once feared A&R (Artist and Repertoire) managers but on music blogs like 'Motel de Moka', 'Moistworks' or highbrow network stations like 'Pandora' or 'Last.FM'. "Anyone who has noticed how aggressively certain labels are launching new groups how impossible it is to keep track of all their names will be able to imagine how feverishly the A&Rs are clicking their way through sites like 'Myspace' or 'Youtube'. They're doing a job which consumers took over a long time ago." According to Pilz it looks very much like the music business "is in the process of reinventing itself... And better blogs in particular are presenting themselves as collections of the best musical gems. Despite all the precautions they take to protect themselves, they basically provide MP3s and naturally the record companies could sue. But there's no way they will. Because there's no point taking action against opinion leaders."

Die Welt - Germany | 11/04/2006

The German pop charts

Michael Pilz listened to a selection of German pop songs and makes the following observations: "Pop bands which otherwise have very little in common, such as Blumfeld, Britta, Die Sterne and Peter Licht, all have the same attitude of fatalistic realism... Anyone who wants to make a career in German pop music should avoid singing in English at all costs and instead concentrate on the language of Goethe, Grass, and Grönemeyer. In the German charts, German-language songs are making the kind of ratings that would make a few political parties very happy – 35.3 percent in the last business year, and going up. The range of artists includes rappers from the parallel society, religious soul singers, nymphs with huge eyes, homo-heterosexual couples, secondary-school pupils with their own bands and under-age Manga heroes."

Die Welt - Germany | 14/03/2006

Criticism of German pop music

Following Germany's Echo music awards, Michael Pilz notes with resignation: "Those who make a nice profit for German record companies become stars simply because they're ordinary people like us. German pop stars are modest, hardworking and conventional. They love rock and roll so much that they busily translate it into German, like Peter Kraus, and like Bushido who rehashes America's infuriating gangster rap. German pop doesn't go in for detachment and disparate attacks, it doesn't provoke, is never arrogant and offers no utopian dreams. Consequently, it's never great."

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