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Pilger, John

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The Guardian - United Kingdom | 26/05/2013

The bloody legacy of Bush and Blair

Two Islamists murdered a British soldier in London on Wednesday. Dozens of people were killed in terrorist attacks in Iraq in the days leading up to the murder. For the left-liberal British daily The Guardian the violence there and in the UK is a consequence of the Iraq War: "The two atrocities are connected. Their emblem might be a lavish new movie of F Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. Two of the main characters, as Fitzgerald wrote, 'smashed up things and creatures and retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness … and let other people clean up the mess'. The 'mess' left by George Bush and Tony Blair in Iraq is a sectarian war, the bombs of 7/7 and now a man waving a bloody meat cleaver in Woolwich. Bush has retreated back into his Mickey Mouse 'presidential library and museum' [opened on April 25, 2013] and Tony Blair into his jackdaw travels and his money."

New Statesman - United Kingdom | 11/01/2006

Terror fight threatens freedom

Author and journalist John Pilger asserts that "freedom is dying" in Britain as the government uses the anti-terror fight as a pretext for stifling dissent - with the tacit complicity of the BBC and other mainstream media. "Between 11 September 2001 and 30 September 2005, 895 people in total were arrested under the Terrorism Act. Only 23 have been convicted of offences covered by the act. As for real terrorists, the identities of two of the 7 July bombers, including the suspected mastermind, were known to MI5 [the domestic intelligence agency], yet nothing was done. And Blair wants to give the security services more power. Having helped to devastate Iraq, he is now killing freedom in his own country. (...) Looking in the mirror means understanding that a violent and undemocratic order is being imposed by those whose actions are little different from the actions of fascists."

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