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Pilet, Jacques

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1.  L´Hebdo - Switzerland | 07/02/2008

The EU's military mission in Africa lacks transparency

The Swiss columnist Jacques Pilet questions the mission of European force Eufor in Chad and the Central African Republic. "In order to be credible, Europe ... » more

2.  L´Hebdo - Switzerland | 24/01/2008

Jacques Pilet pays tribute to the last French 'poilu'

"The life of Lazare [Ponticelli], born in 1897, is an enlightening European novel", writes columnist Jacques Pilet in a text dedicated to the last surviving ... » more

3.  L´Hebdo - Switzerland | 22/03/2007

Jacques Pilet on the polish lustration law

The Swiss columnist Jacques Pilet reviews the Polish law on lustration which came in to effect on the 15th March which will mean hundreds of ... » more

4.  L´Hebdo - Switzerland | 15/03/2007

Europe on the eve of its 50th birthday

"Fifty years represent so little on the scale of History", comments the chronicler Jacques Pilet. "And yet it took less than this half-century for Europe ... » more

5.  L´Hebdo - Switzerland | 01/02/2007

The euro is not responsible for inflation

"Launched five years ago, the euro, having been an object of pride, is now being accused of all evils", notes the chronicler Jacques Pilet for ... » more

6.  L´Hebdo - Switzerland | 19/10/2006

The EU should give financial aid to its new members

The chronicler Jacques Pilet stresses the importance of financially aiding its new EU member states, reminding us the success this policy has had in the ... » more

7.  L´Hebdo - Switzerland | 24/08/2006

An alternative immigration policy

Confronted with the issue of illegal immigration, columnist Jacques Pilet asks whether perhaps the time has come to explore new solutions. "It will take decades ... » more


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