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Pilch, Jerzy

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Dziennik Gazeta Prawna - Poland | 12/02/2008

Is Polish TV stabbing its footballers in the back?

In 2008 Poland will take part in a European football championship for the first time. It is still uncertain, however, whether Polish public television will broadcast the Euro 2008, which will be played in Austria and Switzerland. Jerzy Pilch writes: "In past years public television has had to undergo a real humiliation before every major sports tournament, usually losing out to the private TV channel Polsat. ... But normally the problems are solved shortly before the beginning of the tournament. And that is no doubt how it will be this time as well. Sometime in May public television will triumphantly announce that it has won broadcasting rights after all and negotiated the right to show some of the games - like the semi-final, the final and the games in which the Polish team is playing. And all in the hope that Poland will be eliminated from the tournament early on, so that it does not have to broadcast so many games and will get off cheaper."

Polityka - Poland | 22/02/2006

Discussion on same-sex marriages

Vaclav Klaus and Lech Kaczynski, the presidents of the Czech Republic and Poland respectively, both stressed that they have imposed strict bans on registered partnerships between homosexuals at a joint press conference held on February 17. Columnist Jerzy Pilch is appalled: "It was a disgraceful spectacle...To watch two heads of government taking pride in banning something, boasting about it and competing to see whose better at banning – is this a comedy or a tragedy?"

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