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Pielach, Marek

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Polska - Poland | 17/10/2008

A Polish shopping trip

Thanks to the strength of the złoty an increasing number of Poles are coming to Germany to shop. The daily Polska welcomes this development. "There was once a stupid advertisement by a big electronics chain in which a small group of Poles were shown stealing the German shop assistants' watches and trousers while buying a television. This commercial really upset us. ...In German shops there were notices in Polish only asking customers not to take away any goods they hadn't paid for. ... And I won't repeat the jokes about stolen cars. Fortunately, that's all history now. Nowadays we write about how in the shops the other side of the Oder and the Neiße we increasingly encounter familiar words like 'dzień dobry' [good day] or 'dziękuję' [thank you]. ... It has turned out that there's no better way of changing stereotypes than economic growth. It is certainly an irony of history that the cities of the former GDR now look terrible with their empty apartment blocks and shabby shops, which the Poles are now buying for a couple of cents."

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