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Piebalgs, Andris

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România Liberâ - Romania | 15/01/2007

Nuclear energy back in favour?

EU Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs says in an interview that atomic energy could be an alternative for the EU, because it generates no gases that damage the climate. But he does not recommend that EU countries increase their dependence on atomic power: "The dividing line does not run between the old and new EU countries. France and Finland are pushing their nuclear programmes. It is only right that the new states, with the exception of Malta, want to expand their atomic energy programmes, too. For this situation to be accepted, our discussions in the Council will be decisive. What is difficult is that many of these atomic plants are located on the border between two EU member states. But those countries that prefer not to depend on atomic energy should accept that their neighbours may feel otherwise."

Le Soir - Belgium | 08/03/2006

A future Europe of energy

The president of the European commission, José Manuel Barroso, and its energy commissioner, Andris Piebalgs, affirm that "Europe is entering a new energy landscape" in a joint commentary published in several leading European newspapers. "...Europe's approach to energy in the past has been disjointed, failing to connect different policies and different countries. That must change. That is why the European Commission is publishing a Green Paper today on developing a coherent European energy policy. Our proposed aim is sustainable, competitive and secure energy. If the countries of the European Union can take a common approach, and express it in a coherent and unified manner, Europe can lead the global search for energy solutions."

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