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Pidoux, Gilbert

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24 heures - Switzerland | 10/02/2006

The XXth Winter Olympics

"Sestrières, Turin 2006, seen through the camera lens. The image of a postcard-perfect winter wonderland, soon to be beamed to TV screens around the world. But just out of camera shot, it's a scene of desolation." The editorial writer Gilbert Pidoux is not in a jubilant mood at the opening of the XXth Winter Games. "It is hard to find a spirit of universal sporting fraternity in this outsized, and dehumanised, speculative free-for-all, where prices rise as quickly as the skiiers descend, where transport comes to a grinding halt, where the mountains are blasted apart, where swarms of police frisk you in a less-than-Olympic spirit, where a town such as Turin spends six billion francs [3.86 billion euros] and runs itself into hock just to see its name up there alongside the [Olympic] Rings. The Games have lost their soul."

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