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Picqué, Charles

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La Libre Belgique - Belgium | 04/09/2006

Belgium, model of tolerance

In an interview conducted by Stéphanie Bocart and Christian Laporte, the President-Minister of Brussels, Charles Picqué, responds to the controversial remarks made by Yves Leterme, President-Minister of the Flanders region, on August 17th, echoed in the pages of the French daily 'Liberation'. "To say that Belgium has no value in itself is to forget that historically the incarnation of a friendly pragmatism which made possible a spirit of tolerance and management of diversity. It is indeed this that added to the Belgium's value when it was anticipating the construction of Europe. Leterme transgressed a red line by making a display abroad of a community hostility that is already really weakening our international image. It is very bad for Belgium's image. And for the image of Flanders, which has made little sign of any tolerance."

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