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Philipp, Claus

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Der Standard - Austria | 20/07/2007

Potter piracy as a PR gag?

According to Claus Philipp, the publication of a pirate copy of the latest Harry Potter on the Internet is the best thing that could have happened to the book trade, despite the complaints of the official publishing house and the author. "Wasn't everyone getting a little tired of all the speculation about whether Harry P. would die or not? And doesn't one detect a certain weariness in the air when for kids, seeing the fifth Potter film at the cinema is more an obligation than a treat? Weren't things in need of a final 'kick' before July 21, when readers will finally storm the bookstores? You would almost think the recent 'leaks' and (only slightly shocking) cases of piracy were part of a subversive publishing campaign with the message: look how urgently mankind needs this book! Some will even turn to crime to be able to read it before others!"

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