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Pfaff, William

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Dziennik Gazeta Prawna - Poland | 19/07/2006

William Pfaff on a two-speed Europe

Citing the differences between the EU member states, journalist William Pfaff argues in favour of a two-speed Europe. "It would be a great help to Europe in its current situation if the gap which de facto already exists between certain states were to be formalised in a new European structure. States that want Europe to play an active role in the world could form a voluntary coalition which other members are under no obligation to join. The others could still profit from the economic and, to a certain extent, the political advantages of EU membership without having to take an active role. The creation of such a structure would not be easy, but it's better than the current attempts to touch up a constitution that has already been rejected. Yes, this would be a 'two-speed Europe'. But if there really are two Europes, it's no wonder they move at different speeds."

International Herald Tribune - France | 13/03/2006

Polands Foreign Policy

William Pfaff, a Paris-based columnist for the daily, discerns a pro-American bias in Poland's diplomacy, coupled with an "extraordinarily uncooperative line" on several European issues. "Warsaw's rudeness toward the EU has increased with the creation of the present conservative government, supported by a radically anti-European faction of Polish opinion, including a reactionary Catholic pressure group that has been condemned by the Vatican itself for its political activism and obscurantism. Earlier Polish governments, however, also seemed to take the line that Europe needs Poland more than Poland needs Europe. Europe seems less important to Warsaw than NATO, and certainly less so than the Poles' carefully cultivated, direct relationship with the Bush administration."

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