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Petöcz, Kalman

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Sme - Slovakia | 28/07/2009

Lack of communication in language law dispute

The liberal daily Sme criticises the Slovak position in the current quarrel with Hungary over the Slovak state language law: "The government is continually warning of the growth of right-wing forces in Hungary. Yet it is incapable of even having normal relations with the left-wing governments of Ferenc Gyurcsány or Gordon Bajnai. The mixed Slovak-Hungarian Commission didn't meet to discuss the language law until there was really nothing more to decide and all they could do was declare that they had different views on the matter. The government speaks of a hysterical campaign by all Hungarian politicians but doesn't distinguish between those who take a fair and diplomatic approach and those trying to grind their own political axe. How will this government communicate with the potential premier Viktor Orbán if it can't communicate with Bajnai?"

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