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Pesek, Petr

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Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 08/06/2007

Putin and Bush defuse the missile dispute

"Yet again, Moscow has surprised us all," writes Petr Pesek on Vladimir Putin's proposal that the US use a military base in Azerbaijan. He points out that this could jeopardise the plans to set up bases in the Czech Republic and Poland: "Czech advocates of the radar station won't lose face even if the station is not built, and opponents can celebrate without relations with the US suffering. However we're still in the 'what if' phase', because based on what Moscow has proposed up to now it hardly looks like the US will receive the Russians' offer with open arms. And it can't be ruled out that Azerbaijan could simply complement the Czech-Polish project. This is why the opponents of the radar station shouldn't start opening the champagne bottles yet... The missile dispute has only just begun for the Czech Republic."

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 30/03/2007

A non-European focus for Radio Free Europe

The American Jeffrey Gedmin, previously director of the Aspen Institute in Berlin, has been appointed new director of Prague-based broadcaster Radio Free Europe. In an interview with Petr Pesek, Gedmin explains that the broadcaster is facing unusual challenges and will focus on programmes for Iraq and Iran. At the same time he complains that funding for programmes broadcast in Russia and Ukraine is dwindling: "If I could I would tell the US Congress that this is a great mistake. You have to consider Russia and Ukraine from the perspective of their people, their resources, their influence and their history. If these countries go astray, it will be difficult to achieve a stable and peaceful Europe."

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | 25/09/2006

Second-class EU membership for Romania and Bulgaria?

According to Petr Pesek, the EU's decision to allow Bulgaria and Romania to join in 2007 only if they agree to certain restrictions, which is expected to be announced tomorrow, is tantamount to telling them: "Welcome, half-members!" Pesek argues that the tougher conditions serve to "restrict their membership": "They represent a dangerous devaluation of their membership status. On top of the restrictions on free movement of workers (basically a cornerstone of EU membership) which we have already had to accept, we are now facing the prospect of Romanian and Bulgarian court verdicts not being recognised within the EU or of receiving less subsidies, something that also undermines the principles of the EU. Of course it was a mistake to set such an early date for the accession of the two countries, but if things go on like this, EU membership will be 'watered down' even further for members still to come. Might this just be a test run for Turkey's membership?"

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