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Perry, Simon

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The Irish Times - Ireland | 27/07/2006

Irish films must tell 'emotionally universal' stories

"It's not that there's a shortage of talent. There are some very impressive writers here and some very exciting directors. There are some real voices here, but somehow it's as if the bullets are flying around off the target and not finding the mark," Simon Perry, the new chief executive of the Irish Film Board (IFB), tells Michael Dwyer in an interview. He discusses the hardships facing producers who work outside Hollywood. "The margin left for the rest of us is tiny. If we're going to compete in that margin, it's got to be in that margin all across the world. We've got to find a place in that margin in France, in Bulgaria, in Argentina - everywhere. Films have to be able to work internationally, by which I don't mean that we should sit down and cunningly write the international film. That would be a recipe for utter disaster. We need to tell stories that are emotionally universal."

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