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Pereira, José Pacheco

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Público - Portugal | 21/09/2006

Jose Pacheco Pereira analyses the Pope's speech

The Portuguese historian Jose Pacheco Pereira ponders the polemic generated by the Pope's speech last week in Regensburg. "The Pope criticises Islam, not for the violence of Mahomet's sword, but because in Muslim doctrine, God is absolutely transcendent. There is no real interaction between God and Mankind: Reason is not necessary, faith is essentially submission and obedience. ... By according value to the merging of the Greek tradition of logos and Christianity, the Pope is enunciating Europe's cultural tradition, the tumultuous history of its thinking and the foundations of its identity. He talks about religion and politics, about culture and thinking, abut the European Union and Turkey, about Christianity and Islam. It is indeed with these questions that Islam is addressed, if, that is, Islam allows itself to be addressed."

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