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Perchinig, Bernhard

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Der Standard - Austria | 01/12/2006

Critique of Austria's Jus sanguinis citizenship laws

Austrians are talking about a decree by its lame-duck government that denies social assistance to children of foreigners. Migration expert Bernhard Perchinig considers this principle of exclusion completely wrong: "Austria is one of the few countries in Western Europe that still refuses to recognize as citizens those who are born here. Like the level of education, citizenship status is primarily inherited, regardless of where or how long people have lived in Austria. The blood law (jus sanguinis) has dominated Austrian citizenship law since 1811, when Emperor Franz I signed paragraph 28 of the Civil Code of Austria. Parents' passports continue to determine whether the Republic feels responsible for their children's well being.... Even Germany, long considered the exemplar of blood law, introduced a new law based on birthplace, in its citizenship rights reform of 2000."

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