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Penttilä, Risto

strong arm of Finnish business community,director of EVA, the Finnish business and policy forum.

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Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | 22/01/2008

Risto Penttilä on the world's best leadership style

Risto Penttilä, director of the Finnish Business und Politics Forum EVA, considers different leadership styles: "According to a joint Finnish-Swedish study, Swedish business culture places more emphasis on correct process: giving everyone the chance to be heard. This is considered more important in Sweden than the actual content or timing of a decision. But in Finland they concentrate on making the right decision at the right time. Placing so much emphasis on action can harm communication, but Finland's performance-driven leadership style can be explained in part by the country's history. ... Being right next to the Soviet giant, the Finns learned that survival is more important than style. … Swedish business leaders sometimes represent the viewpoint that the best management style would be a combination of Finnish determination and Swedish – or German – readiness to let everyone participate in decision-making."

Financial Times - United Kingdom | 18/01/2007

Risto Penttilä on the benefits of leisure

Risto Penttilä, director of EVA, the Finnish business and policy forum ponders the secret of Nordic success. "People in the five Nordic countries work fewer hours per year and fewer years per career than people in Japan, the US, Germany or almost any other place. Yet the Nordic countries have fared rather well: Finland, Denmark and Sweden are among the top five in global competitiveness rankings. The two laggards, Norway and Iceland, are among the top 15. So how can the Protestant work ethic help to explain the success of the Nordic countries? The answer is that citizens of the Nordic countries are as serious about leisure as they are about work. Having a good balance between life and work is considered as important as working hard once was. ... In other words, the Protestant work ethic has been complemented by the Protestant leisure ethic. ... They offer hope to the toiling masses of the world."

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