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Pennac, Daniel

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Télérama - France | 10/10/2007

Daniel Pennac considers children become consumers too early

Interviewed by Michel Abescat, the French writer Daniel Pennac expresses his concern as commercial advertising catches up with childhood. "Day after day, children's desires to consume are stimulated in the same fields as adults': clothing, food, transport, electronics, phones... Thus the child acquires a commercial legitimacy and is turned into an indispensable cog in society's market on an equal footing with adults. Children access property without exchange, with their parents' money, or by 'muddling through'. The system doesn't care so long as money is circulating. Thus children who show up at school today are little proprietors, animated by desires they are used to having swiftly satisfied. From now on in our culture the purchase of a desired object has become, for parents, the principal means of showing their affection.

Le Monde - France | 15/02/2006

Cartoon Conflict: Pinpointing Responsibility

A group of writers including Salim Bachi, Daniel Pennac and Boualem Sansal has decided to weigh in on the debate surrounding the publication of the Muhammad cartoons. "Today we are being asked to consider the fact that cartoons of a prophet that appeared in a Danish newspaper five months ago may not even be any good. We are tempted to say that we are not overly concerned about the cartoons, or whether they are any good or not. ... We are being asked to pass esthetic, moral and sentimental judgment where the only real question is one of fundamental democratic principles: the right of men and women to live freely is certainly not the credo of religions, and it never will be. It is not just a matter of being free to be wrong. The truth is that we are free to commit blasphemy."

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