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Pena-Ruiz, Henri

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Le Monde - France | 24/06/2010

Pension reform lands French with social costs

Hundreds of thousands of French protested on Thursday against the planned raising of the retirement age from 60 to 62. The writer Henri Peña Ruiz, a member of the French Left Party writes in the daily Le Monde that the pensions reform is a scandal: "Pensions abuse. Realism? No. Disappointment and a step backwards. ... The social costs of unemployment or overwork are not recorded in any business accounts. And yet they exist nonetheless. Capitalism pretends to ignore them. In the chaste name of liberalism it promotes an irresponsible, vulnerable economy and dumps the costs on the community: human, ecological and social costs. By abolishing retirement at 60, the government is taking a shameful step backwards in social terms."

Le Monde - France | 16/02/2007

Henri Pena-Ruiz defends secularism

The French philosopher and writer disapproves State financing of places of worship, an idea upheld by Nicolas Sarkozy, French right-wing presidential candidate. "Religion is not a public service, like education, culture or health. It only concerns the faithful, thus only some citizens. Public spending, the funds of which come from taxes paid by atheists as much as by the religious, should therefore not be used to finance places of worship any more than it should be used to pay for spreading of atheism. ... It is not necessary to pay in order to control. Only the rule of law counts. What is important is not the nationality of an imam, but his respect of republican law. Let us not get our battles mixed up. It is not foreigners per se who pose a problem for the Republic, but whoever wishes to elude common law and substitute it with their own particular law, whether religious or customary."

Libération - France | 20/09/2006

Henri Pena-Ruiz on the origins of 'good values'

The French writer and philosopher Henri Pena-Ruiz, a specialist on questions of secularism, denounces "the theory of historical solidarity between Christianity and reason" defended by Benedict XVI. "What error do the Pope and Al-Qaeda have in common? That which consists in referring to closed, territorialized traditions and confusing civilizations with religions. To claim that 'good values' come from a particular place is unacceptable. ... Human rights, democracy, the ideals of freedom and equality, peace and fraternity, secular emancipation are not the products of a particular history or civilization, let alone the legacy of a religion. They are the conquests of humanity refusing oppression, often conquered through blood and tears, going against the grain of tradition".

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