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Peitz, Dirk

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Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | 26/04/2006

Dirk Peitz on the age of homogenised retro-culture

Dirk Peitz explores the aesthetic impact of people sampling, making (pirate) copies and collages of existing works of art in the age of digital technology. "Originality – and even things claiming to be original – have disappeared. We are caught up in a never-ending loop of quotations, a homogenising retro-culture in which digitalisation erases the traces of time, place and any other original marks the material possessed before it was reduced to zeroes and ones by the computer. Everything feels a bit dated, you just can't put your finger on exactly which elements of the past have been cut up and edited, or precisely how it's been done. This process of creating innovation by homogenising innovation has far-reaching consequences for art... But the realisation that everything sold to us as new and all the things we download or copy are really just a rehashed composition of bits of the past doesn't really hurt. Still, something's missing. And it's missing badly."

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