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Pehe, Jiří

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1.  Právo - Czech Republic | 01/04/2015

Zeman does more harm than kidnapped tourists

Two young Czech women who were kidnapped two years ago while holidaying in Pakistan were released on the weekend. President Miloš Zeman has declined to ... » more

2.  Právo - Czech Republic | 29/01/2014

The exit of Prague's oddest government to date

The Czech President Miloš Zeman will appoint the country's new government under the social democratic Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka today in Prague. This ends the ... » more

3.  Právo - Czech Republic | 27/11/2013

Prague's lustration law is hypocritical

The Czech Republic's social democratic party the ČSSD has called for the abolishment of the so-called "Lustration law" which since 1989 has banned former communist ... » more

4.  Právo - Czech Republic | 06/11/2013

Prague's caretaker government must be replaced

While the Czech Social Democrats are caught up in internal struggles after their victory in the parliamentary elections the remaining parties are just watching passively, ... » more

5.  Právo - Czech Republic | 20/09/2013

Smoking President Zeman is tobacco lobbyist

At his inaugural visit to the EU in Brussels on Wednesday, the Czech President Miloš Zeman spoke out against the planned tightening of legislation on ... » more

6.  Právo - Czech Republic | 23/04/2013

Zeman changing Prague's stance on euro

The Czech Republic's new president Miloš Zeman last week explained to the daily newspaper Passauer Neue Presse that his country may join the Eurozone in ... » more

7.  Právo - Czech Republic | 26/03/2013

Czech Republic's politicised review of past

In the Czech Republic a row over the national Institute for the Study of Totalitarian Regimes has flared up again. Conservatives accuse the Left of ... » more

8.  Právo - Czech Republic | 05/03/2013

No fear of a Klaus comeback

According to most papers in Prague, the charges of high treason against President Václav Klaus are intended to prevent Klaus from making a comeback and ... » more

9.  Blog Aktuálně.cz - Czech Republic | 15/02/2013

Zeman's gesture won't help Prague's budget

The Czech Republic's president designate Miloš Zeman wants to pay a third of his future salary into a fund he plans to set up so ... » more

10.  Právo - Czech Republic | 30/01/2013

Zeman and Schwarzenberg must cooperate

In the Czech presidential election Miloš Zeman and Karel Schwarzenberg faced each other as rivals, but as president and foreign minister they must now jointly ... » more


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