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Peeters, Koen

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Le Soir - Belgium | 19/11/2007

Koen Peters, a convinced European

The Belgian writer Koen Peeters delivered a 'Great European speech' at the closure of the first Brussels festival of philosophy, the last day of which was dedicated to Europe. In a very pro-European speech, he urges all Europeans to exchange more in order to better know one another. "We Europeans ... do we have to learn to live with one another and to speak to each other? And by extension to teach our countries to live together? ... It is all of our duty to discover our own Europe. The principal duty of all Europeans is to travel as if on a Monopoly board: as exemplary Europeans we should all have a conversation with a Latvian, a Pole, Spaniards. We should also visit Ireland, taste Greek cheese, etc. ... Everyone is entitled to one's own Europe, or rather is under the obligation to have their very own Europe, as the most individual expression of their most individual Europe. ... Europe: the good has been done, the best is yet to come."

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