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Peel, Quentin

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Diário Económico - Portugal | 19/08/2014

Putin underestimated German chancellor

With her position on the Ukraine crisis and her sanction policy Angela Merkel has proven that she's willing to pay for stability, the liberal business daily Diário Económico comments: "[Putin] badly miscalculated the mood and determination of Angela Merkel, Germany's chancellor, over the current crisis in Ukraine. ... Mr Putin had expected the German Chancellor to resist taking any action that would seriously affect German exporters. He was wrong. The sanctions package was driven by Berlin. Central to German policy, led by Ms Merkel and Frank-Walter Steinmeier, foreign minister, was determination to maintain a united European front. ... Indeed, the Ukraine crisis accelerated a rethinking of German foreign policy. ... In this case that means maintaining a steady stance against unilaterally altering agreed international borders, even if it means paying an economic price."

Financial Times - United Kingdom | 08/11/2007

Early presidential elections in Georgia

"Mr Saakashvili's decision to call early presidential elections in January is a move to call the bluff of the opposition, which is disorganised and divided, and boasts no comparable figure to challenge him. But he has nonetheless seen his personal popularity slump from more than 90 % to below 40 % since the Rose Revolution", notes Quentin Peel. "On the one hand, he is accused by opposition leaders of autocratic behaviour and a failure to heed criticism. On the other, he has ridden roughshod over the sensitivities of the older Soviet-educated generation, creating a generational gulf between his own team of young technocrats and those in their middle age.The other cause of increasing restiveness in the population has been the failure of rapid economic growth to be translated into jobs and better wages for most people. Moreover, those who survived for decades by cheating the Soviet system have seen their means of existence, in effect, wiped out."

Financial Times - United Kingdom | 22/12/2005

Blair defends Europe against eurosceptics

Tony Blair's inspired retort to a British eurosceptic who declared the EU budget summit a resounding defeat for Britain was a "moment of truth" for the prime minister, writes international affairs editor Quentin Peel. "'You sit with our country's flag. You do not represent our country's interests,' Mr. Blair shot back [during a return visit to the European parliament in Brussels on Tuesday]. 'This is the year 2005, not 1945.' It was great parliamentary repartee, but it was more. It was a cry of anger and frustration from a British prime minister who feels pro-European and yet has never quite had the courage of his convictions."

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