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Péclet, Jean-Claude

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1.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 15/08/2009

The dream of Woodstock lives on

The daily Le Temps writes on the 40th anniversary of the Woodstock music festival in the US state of New York: "The poster for the ... » more

2.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 07/09/2007

The ECB's wait-and-see stance is an avowal of impotence

Jean-Claude Péclet reacts to the decision announced by the European Central Bank (BCE) on Thursday, September 6th, to leave its interest rate unchanged at 4%, ... » more

3.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 27/07/2007

The financial press should keep its independence

In his editorial Jean-Claude Péclet considers Rupert Murdoch's bid for the Wall Street Journal, a daily which, according to the journalist, "is capable of defending ... » more

4.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 09/05/2007

Nicolas Sarkozy's shocking holiday

The editorialist Jean-Claude Pélet is very disappointed by the attitude of the French president-elect, Nicolas Sarkozy, who has gone to relax on the coast of ... » more

5.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 27/07/2006

The heat triggers energy crises

"Oil prices are not the only things rising," notes Jean-Claude Péclet. The per-hour price of a megawatt hit 2,000 euros on Wednesday, July 25, a ... » more

6.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 23/06/2006

Reforming Europe's wine sector

Journalist Jean-Claude Peclet does not think the Brussels reform goes far enough. "This is where it falls short of the mark. Notably in a certain ... » more

7.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 21/06/2006

An appeal for better oversight of executive paychecks

"Enough is enough," Jean-Claude Peclet declares in an editorial on the salaries and bonuses of big-company CEOs. At the moment when Switzerland is revising the ... » more

8.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 02/06/2006

Switzerland's economic recovery

The daily devotes its front page to the upbeat economic news out of Switzerland, which has become "the new tiger of economic growth in Europe". ... » more

9.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 28/03/2006

Thorny labour law reform

"There is something fascinating about seeing these French union officials and civil servants parading their 'solidarity' with the young protesters in denouncing the CPE before ... » more


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