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Pawlicka, Aleksandra

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Newsweek Polska - Poland | 26/11/2015

PiS brings Constitutional Court into line

The Polish Parliament on Wednesday declared the nomination of five Constitutional Court judges appointed in October invalid. With this move the governing PiS has brought the legislative power in the country entirely under its control, writes the liberal news magazine Newsweek Polska: "The PiS already has the absolute majority in parliament, a first since 1989. And it put forward the president, who signs all the legislation into law almost without reservations. The Constitutional Court was the last hurdle preventing the party from completely appropriating law-making in the country. Until now it could at least have been appealed to if the PiS used the law to dismantle democracy. However, now that the PiS largely determines the composition of the court, it is no longer a guardian of the law and the constitution. Rather it's just one more cog in the power machine that runs on Nowogrodzka Street [the headquarters of the PiS]."

Newsweek Polska - Poland | 01/08/2014

Poland a fundamentalist state

In Poland a proposal by the constitutional law expert Wiktor Osiatyński to repeal the state-church agreement Poland signed with the Vatican in 1993 has triggered a debate. A few days ago Osiatyński criticised the privileges the agreement gives the Church in an interview with Newsweek Polska and now the magazine backs him: "The Church threatens members of parliament with excommunication if they vote in favour of a law regulating artificial insemination. ... And it attacks gender studies, which questions the patriarchal structures that are a core component of the Church. And none of this constitutes privileges? Osiatyński is right to say we are just one step away from being a religious state. Poland has everything a fundamentalist state has - the only difference is that we are still allowed to talk about it."

Newsweek Polska - Poland | 23/09/2013

Francis's revolutionary words to gays

Pope Francis stressed in an interview with the Jesuit magazine Zeitschrift La Civiltà Cattolica that it was not right for the Church to morally condemn homosexuals. There should be no spiritual intervention in people's personal lives, he said. This amounts to a revolution in the Catholic Church, the news magazine Polska rejoices: "The words of Francis come like rain to a country that has been suffering from a prolonged drought. Thousands of Catholics are saying a relieved 'finally' after hearing this. ... Pope Francis has turned Church discourse on its head. Human beings are more important than sin. Forgiving is more important than condemning. Jesus is more important than the devil. .... It will be interesting to see how bishops, priests, members of the clergy and religious instructors who peppered their statements with the words 'sin' and 'condemnation' in the past react to this."

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