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Patrasconiu, Cristian

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Cotidianul - Romania | 15/04/2008

Dennis Deletant on the secret service in Romania

British historian Dennis Deletant, who after writing critical works on communism in Romania was declared a persona non grata by Nicolae Ceausescu in 1988, talks in an interview with Cristian Patrasconiu about the communist secret service. "In a way one could say that Securitate has won in Romania, as in Poland and Bulgaria. When we compare those who have come out on top economically, there's little difference with Poland. In both countries people had access to leading positions in the economy, and they took advantage of this in 1989. The West, too, has benefited from these relations. The West has not expressly called for 'lustration'. There are ties between the secret services of the West and those of the East that developed in the 1980s and are still maintained today. It would no doubt be uncomfortable for the West if the files brought more 'truth' to light."

Cotidianul - Romania | 28/09/2007

Securitate involvement within the Romanian Orthodox Church

Nicolae Corneanu, Metropolitan of Banat, has admitted that for 41 years he worked as a spy for the Romanian secret police organisation Securitate. Cristian Patrasconi calls on the new patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church, Daniel Ciobotea, to adopt a clear stance on the secret service past of church dignitaries. "He has a serious problem: on the one hand Metropolitan Nicolae Corneanu has expressed his regret, on the other hand high dignitaries who are likewise suspected of having worked for Securitate remain unaffected. This is the most important challenge for Daniel since he took office. If we look to Poland - a country we envy for many reasons - we see what high dignitaries who played a similarly reprehensible role between traitor and servant of the church have done there: they have resigned."

Cotidianul - Romania | 13/08/2007

When will Romanians elect their MEPs?

Since their accession to the EU on 1 January 2007 the Bulgarians and Romanians have had provisional representatives in the European Parliament. While the Bulgarians elected their first MEPs at the end of May, domestic disputes in Romania have so far prevented an election there. According to the EU accession treaty, the Romanians must elect their EU parliamentarians by the end of the year, and the law stipulates that the date of the elections is to be announced three months in advance. Their time is therefore almost up, writes Cristian Patrasconi. "A poisonous atmosphere which was in no way conducive to dealing with European problems was used to justify the postponement of the European Parliament elections from May to the end the end of the year... Be that as it may, we are currently - and I don't think this is a fact we should be proud of - the only country in the EU that has not yet elected its European MPs or even nominated its candidates."

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