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Patalong, Frank

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Spiegel Online - Germany | 03/03/2006

The data protection ruling

"Germany's Federal Constitutional Court has redefined the conditions for the confiscation of data stored in mobile telephones and computers. Investigating officers are to be given access, but must observe certain rules," Frank Patalong writes, commenting on a ruling by the Federal Constitutional Court. He speculates on whether the EU directive under which all use of telephones, mobile phones and the Internet is to be recorded now conflicts with German law. "The reasons given for the judgement will no doubt trigger heavy debate, because even though mobile telephone and e-mail data is now less protected that under the telecommunications law, in principle, it is still guaranteed legal protection. It can only be confiscated when the owner is suspected of a criminal offence. However, this law is now in direct conflict with the EU's data storage directive under which telecommunications companies are obliged to store and record such data regardless of whether the owner is suspected of a crime or not."

Spiegel Online - Germany | 20/01/2006


Access to the German site of Wikipedia, the free internet encyclopaedia, is currently blocked due to an interim injunction obtained by the parents of dead hacker "Tron". They want to prevent the legal name of their son appearing on the site. Frank Patalong and Matthias Gebauer see this as "a test case for, one that could provide the opportunity to clear up an important issue, namely the question of Wikipedia's legal status. Up to now, the voluntary Wikipedia project has enjoyed a number of privileges. But the growing popularity of the site has also led to it being subjected to increasing scrutiny, as the discussions of the last few months prove. Only a few weeks ago Wikipedia was forced to tighten the regulations for adding new articles in the United States. Moreover, in future there is to be a point at which articles can no longer simply be changed. Wikipedia is being forced to face the issue of journalistic responsibility with increasing frequency."

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