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Pataj, Roman

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Dennik N - Slovakia | 22/12/2015

PiS declares war on its adversaries

The developments in Poland since the election give cause for concern outside the country too, writes the liberal daily Dennik N: "Is Poland at war? Its new rulers are certainly acting as if it was. The post-election developments pose a threat not just for Poland itself but also for other countries. If the new leaders start playing around abroad with even half as many pistols as they have at home, we have a serious problem. A government that believes that together with the other Visegrád countries it can build up a kind of Eastern European opposition within the EU should have behaved differently right from the start. … Kaczýnski's PiS, however, is making it clear that this is not about a normal takeover of government but a declaration of war on its adversaries. … Just imagine if Kaczýnski adopts similar tactics vis-a-vis Russia, where he believes those behind the crash of the plane [in Smolensk] carrying the Polish president are."

Dennik N - Slovakia | 27/11/2015

Breakthrough not on the cards

The world must form an alliance against climate change, the liberal daily Dennik N demands: "Copenhagen ended in a fiasco in 2009. ... Since then not much has changed. For a short time it seemed as if global warning had stopped. But the last two years were the warmest since records began. ... We know that many poor countries can't really afford to fight harmful emissions without the help of richer ones. But notwithstanding all the problems, we must not lose sight of the scientific consensus that our planet is facing a man-made catastrophe. There are also opposing views, but we must not ignore the majority opinion. The search for an end to man-made global warming must continue. Paris will show whether we can learn from our mistakes. But a real breakthrough is not on the cards."

Dennik N - Slovakia | 20/04/2015

Kremlin will exploit killing of journalists

The recent murders of pro-Russian politicians and journalists in Ukraine must be thoroughly investigated, the daily Dennik N demands, warning that Russian propaganda will also exploit these murders: "The idea that Ukrainians are behind the murders and mysterious suicides is frightening. Kiev must either exhaust every means at its disposal to solve these cases and punish the perpetrators or it must reject the accusation in a credible manner. … The Russians are in a far better position. The deaths give them the means to continue manipulating public opinion at home and abroad, according to the motto: that's what happens when 'fascists' are in government. It's out of the question that the pro-Russian media would lay part of the blame on Moscow. … For Putin's regime it's vital that no one believes or seeks the truth anymore."

Sme - Slovakia | 06/04/2010

Pope gives the wrong sign

The answers given by the Catholic Church during the Easter holidays to questions voiced by the press and the public on the abuse scandal came as a severe letdown, writes the liberal daily Sme: "Too bad Pope Benedict XVI didn't see fit to participate in the lively discussion. No doubt, words against drug abuse, war and terrorism are necessary. But the world expected more. The Pope is reminiscent of someone who tells his neighbour that his lawn is withering away while unaware that his own roof is set to cave in."

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